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Parent Testimonials

“Stephanie and Natalie are some of the most inspiring early childhood educators I have ever encountered. My kid comes home every day happy, enriched, and inspired. She is learning so much about the natural world and herself. I can’t recommend this program highly enough.”

“Our daughter comes home happily exhausted from a day of exploring, full of new information and stories to share.”

“We heard about the Nature League through word of mouth and I honestly paused and considered keeping it a secret before writing a testimonial :). Our daughter has been in heaven with Natalie and Stephanie since the very first day of camp. She comes home sharing new nature facts, tales of magical fairies, and descriptions about the areas of the park they explore. We couldn't be any happier to clean up the dirt she brings home at the end of each day.”

“Your camp is the best ever. Owain would like to sign up for the teacher apprentice program. You can pay her in fairy dust.”- Mary

“Nature League is awesome! Natalie and Stephanie are amazing. My daughter comes home daily super excited about her day and how much fun she’s had. She’s learned a lot about nature. I think the activities are very creative and especially during the new norm, Natalie and Stephanie has taken the extra steps to ensure our children are safe as possible. We would definitely register again!”

“I can hardly put into words what an incredible experience Lilian had this session of Nature League. She learned so much in such a short time and was so excited to go to camp every day! Natalie and Stephanie are incredible and we feel so lucky to have found this program.”- Meredith 

“The Nature League has been an absolutely wonderful experience for my daughter. She comes home so excited about everything she is doing and learning at camp. We recently went on a hike with our daughter and she was naming all the plants and flowers and telling us whether they were poisonous or had medicinal properties or could be used for natural dye... she’s become a little Naturalist at camp! Natalie and Stephanie have also instilled a genuine sense of wonder for the kids. She is so excited by the ‘park fairies’ and other imaginative play elements incorporated into the camp. It really is the perfect childhood summertime combination of outdoor adventure, exploration, play, imagination, wonder, and creativity. We are so grateful for this camp and plan to return next summer!" -Ashley 

“Our son has loved every aspect of the Nature League camp. He comes back each day so happy , tired, and inspired! He has introduced our family to new places in Golden Gate Park that we have never heard of and we look forward to revisiting them as a family after camp is over. Both Natalie and Stephanie have made this camp experience wonderful for our son ( and us!). During such an unprecedented time, they have been so professional in ensuring the health and safety of our little camper by instilling protocols as temperature taking, social distancing, and wearing masks while making it seem "completely normal" and not scary for our son. We feel so grateful for this camp and these two amazing teachers! We would recommend this camp to anyone and can't wait for our son to come back next summer!”

"We enrolled our son in two sessions of nature league and now I’m regretting not doing a 3rd !! Natalie and Stephanie are exceptional educators who create thoughtful, fun and highly engaging learning experiences for children. Everyday our son came home with a fun story to share and smile on his face. He can’t wait to go back !!" -Tam

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