The Nature LEAGUE

United in all things messy.

The Nature League seeks to immerse children in a natural environment that inspires creativity and endless exploration. Our curriculum is rooted in a play-based approach to learning that balances age appropriate physical development with nature-based art and science. 

mission statement


Natalie Anaya

Natalie Anaya is a PreK teacher with a background in Environmental Education and a love for SF parks! She holds a BA in Environmental Humanities from Whitman College and has been an early childhood educator for 8 years. 

Stephanie Rau

Stephanie Rau is a PreK teacher and mother with a BA in Art History/Painting and MA in Art Education. She has worked in Early Childhood Education for 5 years.

Corrine Corn

Corrine Corn is a PreK teacher and holds a BA in Sociology from UCLA. She has been an Early Childhood Educator for 3 years and has a passion for learning through nature and exploration. 


Check back soon for upcoming dates!


We fill spots on a first come, first serve basis. In the event of a cancellation, you will forfeit your child's place and are eligible for a refund as follows:

All registered families are eligible for a full refund up until February 1st, at which point camp fee becomes nonrefundable. We will not process refunds for scheduling conflicts, including school-related changes and missed days.




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