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The Nature LEAGUE

United in all things messy.

The Nature League seeks to immerse children in a natural environment that inspires creativity and endless exploration. Our curriculum is rooted in a play-based approach to learning that combines developmentally appropriate place-based science and art with child-led inquiry. 

mission statement

About Me

Natalie Anaya

Natalie Anaya is a PreK teacher with a background in Environmental Education and a love for SF parks! She holds a BA in Environmental Humanities from Whitman College and has been an early childhood educator for 8 years. 

Stephanie Rau

Stephanie Rau is a PreK teacher and mother with a BA in Art History/Painting and MA in Art Education. She has worked in education for 7 years.

Weeks & Themes

After four years of adventures, we have made the bittersweet decision to end the Nature League. Thank you for all of your support and be sure to keep that fairy magic alive!

--Natalie & Stephanie 

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